Poster featuring Jackknife.

Jackknife is currently the only boss in the game. He is encountered after doing several supply runs


Jackknife was a trucker running a haz-mat load across the country when his truck overturned. He now rules the zombie army with a thermonuclear fist.

Boss FightEdit

Once you have completed several supply runs, you will encounter Jackknife. You cannot complete any more supply runs at that supply depot until you have beaten him, so it would be good to know how to do it.

Fortunately, the fight runs a predictable pattern so with the appropriate weapon, you can beat him quickly and earn the appropriate amount of coins for doing so. 

To start off with, Jackknife will be on the opposite side of the screen screaming and blarghing and so on. While he is doing this he cannot be harmed. After a few seconds of this he will begin to advance towards your vehicle. During this phase if you attempt to shoot him he will hold up a radioactive rod once to block your bullets which will cause him to stop for a couple seconds. After this initial stop, he will not attempt to block again during his advance and will be invulnerable while he is walking.

Once he has arrived at your vehicle, he will arch back with a rod in hand preparing to smash your truck. This is when you let him have it with whatever weapon you have on you. After taking a few shots, and if you are quick enough, he will fall on his butt at the beginning of the road and his tongue will loll out to show some rods on it. Shoot the rods repeatedly as this is the only way to harm him. After a few moments of shooting, Jackknife will stand up again, roar, and then a small group of runner or bombie zombies will rush at you from the right hand side. Once you've killed them, Jackknife will advance again and the whole process starts over.

After you have successfully beaten him down about 3-4 times he will perish and a shower of coins will fall to the ground. You may now continue with your supply runs as normal until you have to face him again later.

Coin Amounts per Difficulty
Difficulty Level Coin Amounts
Easy 1,000
Medium 2,500
Hard 10,000
Nightmare 25,000

  • Boss Attacking
  • Boss Defending
  • Boss Vulnerable