No Zombies Leader

A Leader citizen in No Zombies Allowed

Leader is a Survivor type in No Zombies Allowed.

Leaders are represented by the color blue. They take charge and always have a morale raising catch phrase to give. Leaders are given roles that help to bring the past back and aid the community.


  • Devising ways to increase efficiency in the town
  • Organizing team bonding excercises to encourage the survivors to rely on each other
  • Getting onto the Warriors for repeatedly dropping the Dreamers in the exercises
  • Play songs from the Golden Years on records the Loners sold them.


"Walk tall and carry a boom-stick!"

"Aim for the yellows of their eyes!"

"Read my lips: No New Zombies!"

"We must protect our Grindhouse."

"Democracy doesn't require brains!"

"No free samples in this town!"

"They can't eat our freedom!"