The Nuclear Zombie is a new addition to No Zombies Allowed and is featured in the supply run modes.

Nuclear ZombiesEdit

  • A Nuclear Zombie
  • A Nuclear Zombie

Nuclear Zombies are a more common version of the bombies. Armored with a full body suit, Nuclear Zombies appear to be a tough enemy. They are not. Just like the Bombies, they will blow up in one shot, killing every zombie near them and emitting a nice temporary green cloud. If they reach your vehicle however, the explosion they create is quite powerful so avoid letting this happen.  


Just like the bombie zombies, Nuclear Zombies will create a large explosion upon being shot which can be useful if done in the middle of a crowd. 

Nuclear WinterEdit

In Nuclear Winter, Nuclear Zombies will join regular grunts in assaulting your vehicle over the course of six waves. They do not come at every wave but when they do, they are in large groups of zombies and if they aren't shot, they can take out your truck very fast. They should be made a priority when seen.

Escape from Zombietown and Drive-ThruEdit

Nuclear Zombies will appear either in front or behind your vehicle depending on the mode, and if they reach your vehicle, will detonate and take out around one-fifth of your truck's health. During all this they are accompanied by runner zombies who will attempt to swarm you but can be taken out by a Nuclear Zombie's explosion. 

At the final part of Escape from Zombietown, a huge group of Nuclear Zombies and Bombies will block your path and if they aren't killed quickly will detonate at your vehicle and very likely destroy your truck. However, one shot will kill the whole mob so as long as you shoot quickly you will escape unscathed.