No Zombies Realist

A Realist citizen in No Zombies Allowed

A Realist is a survivor type in No Zombies Allowed.

Realists are represented by the color purple. They constantly have a frown on their face and gloomy. They are given jobs in the businesses that help the town as a whole such as medicine or in jobs that are nostalgic to pre-apocalyptic times.


  • Worrying over the lack of reliable food sources
  • Complaining to the Leaders that there are five arcades but no schools or clinics.
  • Drinking half-empty glasses
  • Reading War of the Worlds


"No feral biker gangs? You lied Romero!"

"Anyone look for water yet?"

"This scratch? It was my cat, promise!"

"Book store? Check. Hospital? Um..."

"No power, but there's an arcade?

"Oh, don't conserve ammo or anything."

"So, we just keep building?"

"Oh great... Capitalism survived."