The Runner Zombie is a new addition to No Zombies allowed and is featured in the supply run modes.


  • A Runner Zombie
  • A Runner Zombie
  • A Runner Zombie
  • A Runner Zombie

Runner Zombies are the marathon runners of the zombie horde. Despite their constant training and lasting endurance, a shortage of dixie cups along the route away from the zombies caused them to give up hope and shortly after they added their skills to the horde. Chasing down survivors, they use their speed to their advantage and if not dealt with quickly, will create another zombie who will immediately attack your truck alongside the runner. 


The Runners are identical to their slower companions, the Zombie , except for one key difference. They are fast. Very fast. All weapons will kill them just as quickly as a Zombie.

Cattle RushEdit

In Cattle Rush, Runner Zombies serve as the first, third, and final rounds of zombies chasing down hapless survivors while you mow the runners down from atop your truck. In Cattle Rush, the Runner's primary concern is the survivors and they will not attack your vehicle until they have turned the survivor they are chasing. Once they have, they will immediately turn around and attack your vehicle, so your best chance is to shoot them down as soon as they run on screen.

Escape from Zombietown and Drive-ThruEdit

In Escape from Zombie Town, you are being pursued by swarms of runner zombies that will run on screen in small groups and chase down your truck. In this mode, they are after you and will run as fast as they can to trash your truck. Your task is made easier however, by the occasional appearance of nuclear zombies who will kill any runners near them if they are shot.

In Drive-Thru, the runners just stand there. Your car will steadily progress out of the town, but Runner's will appear onscreen standing still and you will quickly approach them and hit them causing damage if you do not shoot them first. Once they hhit your car they will attack it just like in any other mode until they are killed. Once again, this task is made easier by the appearance of nuclear zombies.