No Zombies Warrior

A Warrior citizen in No Zombies Allowed

Warrior is a Survivor type in No Zombies Allowed.

Warriors are represented by the color red. Permanently smiling angrily, they take the Apocalypse as a chance to vent some rage on the zombie who used to let his dog poop on their lawn. Warriors are given jobs in businesses that focus on either eating or weapons.


  • Killing Zombies
  • Arm Wrestling at the Bar
  • Fixing up Cars
  • Caring for Fifi (the warrior's poodle mascot)


"Have chaingun will travel."

"My guns got names. Lady names."

"Semper Fie, Zombies Die! Ooh-Rah!"

"I'm off to strap a chainsaw to my wrist."

"Part of me hopes this never ends."

"Get off my lawn!"

"No brains on the menu tonight!"

"Guns don't kill zombies. I do."