You earn weapons to use on supply runs based on the number of supply runs you complete. You have to do 180 supply runs per supply depot to unlock all the weapons. Weapon unlocks are supply depot specific. If you tear down a supply depot to choose a new location you get to keep your current unlocks. All weapons can be unlocked with cash but like I stated, it's depot specific and only affects the depot you are current in.when you unlocked a new weapon and leave the depot a green arrow will appear above your depot, when you tap on the green arrow, a box will appear saying: you have unlocked a new weapon, the minigun,for example, when you open see the box, dramatic music will play and there would be a zombie on the left wearing a party hat, blowing a streamer. oddly when you wait a while the zombie will dissappear, but the party hat will not, so if you wait, you will get a red party hat floating in the air, actually, the supply runner's expression actually change when they hold different weapons.

every time one fires or use the weapon, they will flinch or reel back. some types of survivors even smile when using. 

You no longer get to choose from all the weapons during a run, you have to pick which weapon you want to use while departing for the supply run and that is the only weapon you can use on that run.

Weapon Runs Needed Ammo # Targets shots to kill


of gunner 

Cash to unlock
pistol 0 Runs 6 Bullets 1 Target almost the whole clip  serious Start with it
Shotgun 5 Runs 2 Shells 2-4 Targets 1-3 ??? 10 Cash
SMG 20 Runs 6 rounds about 2 targets 2-3 rounds ??? 15 Cash
Sniper Rifle 25 Runs 1 Bullet 1 Target 1 scared and wide eyed 20 Cash
assault rifle 50 Runs 5 rounds 1 target about 1-3 rounds serious 40 Cash
chainsaw 60 Runs unlimited 2-3 targets 1-3 slashes angry 30 Cash
Minigun 100 Runs Unlimited Couple taps 1-2 rounds very angry 80 Cash
Grenade Launcher NA 3 shells 4 pretty much 1 hit ko ??? 120 Cash        ----
  • Chainsaw
  • Minigun
  • All Weapons Unlocked
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Shotgun